Changing Everything... On a National Level

About Us

QMIJAX is a national distributor of the industry’s leading manufactured automotive and industrial maintenance products, including fuel system cleaners, flushing and fluid replacement products and machines, PTFE treatments and other support products.

Founded in 1989 by Bob Nifong, QMIJAX has built a reputation in the industry for superior customer service and dependability. Focusing on product performance and customer support, QMIJAX proves our leadership every day with a national network of distributors and professional sales representatives.

Our number one priority is putting one of our representatives in your store, filling your orders and solving any issues you might have. Our team takes pride in being industry experts and knowledgeable about all products and machines we sell. And we don’t expect you to take our word for it, that’s why we provide onsite product demonstrations and training.

We like to say, we become “partners for profit.” We want to earn your trust so you feel confident we will deliver on everything we say. That way you can focus on your customers and the more important things around your center. And the only way we can accomplish this is by providing service face-to-face.

That’s why we have representatives throughout the country in strategic geographic locations so someone is always within minutes of your store. We realize this is extremely unique in our industry, but we’ve always been trailblazers in that regard.

In fact, QMIJAX was the first QMI distributor to take QMI products, engine treatment and paint sealants to the fast lube and oil change industry. We’ve been a trusted and dependable supplier longer then anyone in the industry.

QMIJAX became one of the early members of NAIL (National Association of Independent Lubes, forerunner to the Automotive Oil Change Association) and we’re still an active member of Automotive Oil Change Association (AOCA).

We would love a chance to show you how we are changing everything — on a national level. Give us a call and we’ll send one of our certified representatives out to meet with you in person. We wouldn’t have it any other way!