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AEC Engine Flush

With a patented and comprehensive selection of spin-on and canister adapter applications, an Advantage Engineering Engine Flush System will allow you to service virtually all cars and light trucks sold in North America.

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AEC Brake Pro

An ADVANTAGE ENGINEERING BRAKE PRO is a convenient, quick, and efficient way to evacuate and exchange brake fluid from most brake systems. It’s one of the fluid services that your customers can immediately notice when they drive away.

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AEC Coolant Exchanger

Unlike evacuate and fill apparatus (most one-line systems), the ADVANTAGE ENGINEERING COOLANT EXCHANGER two-line design can quickly and effectively exchange virtually all of the coolant.

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AEC Trans Pro

Help your customers improve their vehicle’s mileage, transmission life, and powertrain efficiency with our ADVANTAGE fluid exchange systems.

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AEC Fuel Pro

The ADVANTAGE FUEL PRO system represents the most technologically advanced method for cleaning harmful fuel related contaminants from gasoline internal combustion engines.

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AEC Diesel Fuel Pro

Easy to use, the ADVANTAGE ENGINEERING DIESEL FUEL PRO, is a safe and effective way to maintain and optimize diesel fuel performance and reduce emissions, fuel consumption, and down time.

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AEC Power Steering Pro

Extend power steering component life and power steering system efficiency with a periodic fluid exchange. The ADVANTAGE ENGINEERING POWER STEERING PRO is designed for one-man use.

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