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AEC Coolant Exchanger

Two lines are better than one.

When an engine cooling system isn’t handling its load the engine deteriorates quicker and is more likely to overheat. The best way to insure it’s effectiveness is with a periodic coolant exchange. A cooling system operates best when the coolant’s additives are still effective. These additives enable the coolant to carry away heat and inhibit corrosion.

AEC’s designs allows you to do it right. Unlike evacuate and fill apparatus (most one-line systems), the ADVANTAGE ENGINEERING COOLANT EXCHANGER two-line design can quickly and effectively exchange virtually all of the coolant.

What does our two-line solution deliver?

Fast. How about an exchange rate of approx. 1 gallon/minute with the engine off?

Easy. Silk screen valve position references on Advantage Engineering Coolant Exchangers, Delrin (non-heat conductive) adapters, and readily visible volumes.

Clean. No messy mixing. All of the old coolant is extracted and captured in the waste coolant reservoir.

Why Coolant Exchanger from AEC?

Technicians find AEC equipment easy to use. Owners find them robust and intuitive. Located in Southern California, AEC proudly designs and builds all of its equipment in-house. Strong design and manufacturing oversight enables AEC to offer customers the highest level of engineering innovation, training, and after sale support backed by a limited 1 year warranty.

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