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Mile Guard

Download the Mile Guard Information Sheet (PDF)

Fuel System Products
3-Step Fuel System Cleaner (MG 10)
2-Step Fuel System Cleaner (MG B2)
1-Step Fuel System Cleaner (MG 20,
also sold as part of kits; MG 10, MG B2)
Induction Cleaner (Sold as part of kits; MG 10, MG B2)

Oil System Products
Oil System Conditioner (Sold as part of Kit; MG 10)
Engine Treatment w/ PTFE (MG 50)
Internal Engine Clean (MG EC)
High Mileage Supplement (MG 60)
Oil System Cleaner (MG 40)

Power Steering Products
Power Steering Fluid & Conditioner (MG 84)

Automatic Transmission Products
Universal ATF Supplement (MG U3)
CVT + Automatic Transmission Fluid (MG 128)
CVT Application Chart